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Around every corner there’s something unique

to see.

“One of the most visually stimulating City’s in the USA”


What are people saying about SF Photography Tours?

I’m by no means a professional photographer, but I’ve learned more on this tour than the 4 seminars I attended in the last year, I loved it
— Ali Kotowski, Charleston, NC
I’ll be the envy of all my friends when I get back home, each photograph I took looks amazing
— Tyler Parkhurst, Barrow in Furnance, UK
This is by far one of the the best ways to see the city, this tour is a 10 out of 10 for value and entertainment and offers some great places to take magical photographs.
— Barry Cunningham, Oxnard, CA

Let's look at our agenda for the day.......

We offer two tours times: 8:30 am and 3:00 pm

The day kicks off around 8:30 am, (or 3:00 pm) we'll meet down at the entrance to the Ferry Building, it's where Market Street meets the Bay.  Camera at the ready as everyone will get a chance to capture the magical waterfront and dynamic views looking back into the city.

We head towards Chinatown and North Beach, enjoying a flair for two diverse cultures, we'll wander around arguably the largest Chinatown is the U.S.  Stroll through Chinatowns Portsmouth Square watching the local’s wager on their card and board games. 

Only a few blocks away we'll cross over Columbus Avenue checking out the Trans America Pyramid and the famous Green Sentinel Buildings, owned by Francis Ford Coppola, you’ll notice the streetlights all have the Italian flag painted halfway up, just letting you know where you are. Now we’ll be in North Beach where we will enjoy the flavors of Italy. A quick stop at the famous Cafe Trieste cafe for a fresh Italian pastry helped down with an amazing cappuccino. 

We will then head over to the Presidio to check out the serenity of the Palace of Fine Arts, then take in the stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge, this is your chance to stroll along Crissy Field inhaling the magical breezes coming in off the Pacific Ocean. A quick jaunt up and over Pacific Heights, stopping briefly at the famous Alamos Square to capture the famous Painted Ladies....all you Full House watchers will enjoy this.

Then we jump back in an Uber and head across town to the Mission District to savor the Latino flavor. The Mission District is vibrant and bustling with energy around every corner.
A quick stroll down Clarion Ally to capture some amazing mural art from many of the city’s talented artists.
Our day comes to a close on Valencia Street where we get a chance to sample some of the delightfully hand-crafted chocolates at one of the city’s finest chocolatiers, Dandelion Chocolate.
This is where we can review our favorite photographs that have captured the true essence of this magical city, say our farewells and good wishes.

Four hours is the norm for this but if we run longer, no problem, this is San Francisco, it's okay to take your time enjoying the city. We don't run our business along the lines of a Swiss Train schedule, this part of Northern California is to be enjoyed and slowly savored.
Along the way will gladly help you on composition and framing, gentle guide you on the best angle to shoot and offer some basic to intermediate assistance if needed on your gear.  If you are gear inhibited, we can dig out a loaner camera to help you capture the amazing daily treats you are bound to want to capture. 
Along the way we'll offer historical tidbits of information and a few quirky facts about this great city, so when you get back home, you'll sound like a world traveler when showing off your photographs to friends and family.

Keep your cash in your pockets, Uber fares and connections while on the tour are picked up by San Francisco Photography Tours, so keep those coins tightly in your pocket. We've got you covered.
Any food, drinks and snacks are on you though.

Individual $265.00

Couples $445.00

Larger Groups please contact us here: